Simorg Training Module integrates all resources (aircraft, devices, classrooms, instructors and students) in one place to manage curriculum, facility availability and certification program for an improved resource management. It allows you to automate and monitor the training process from registration to the completion. Make sure providing consistent training experience for students through an efficient and collaborative approach.

Intuitive platform to optimize all resources for training planning in one platform

Ensure customer satisfaction by fulfilling their demands

Keep a digital calendar to track all training schedule in real-time


It may be challenging to manage all resources and categorize them according to different criteria. Simorg gives ability to classify students and training types; making it easy for you to match them with available resources.

Combination of trainings based on curriculum
Calendar view
Class, instructor and device matching with proper criteria and availability
Device, instructor and classroom reservation automatically
Sending calendar invitations to all related parties in a click
Training Planning

Efficient scheduling is your power to grow your business and increase customer satisfaction. The training module provides advanced feature set to optimal planning with all resources.

Training Planning
Defining training curriculum and link courses accordingly
Defining and monitoring available hours of instructors
Create monthly calendar for instructors
Course requirement definition (e.g., classroom, device and instructor)
Students tracking and certification generation
Qualification Management

Simorg is the most capable tool to track compliancy of your students, instructors, and devices by means of qualification rules and validity periods. Receive notifications every time anything is not as it should be.

Qualification Management
Ability to define qualifications and certificates
Expiry date definition rules according to time, age and position
Certification validity alert mechanisms
Training Forecast

Simorg Forecast evaluates your up-to-date data and display visuals that will help you estimate whether the resources are sufficient in your training plan for the next year.

Training Forecast
Based on training priorities, identify the resources needed in a given date range
Graphical display for all trainings according to the annual capacity of facility and resources
Available vs. required training resources crosschecks

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