Inventory & Tool

When you run a training center, proper stock management is at the forefront of your mind. Automate your key processes with Simorg’s Inventory & Tool Module. Hold only spare parts you need by preventing stock-out situations. Track your part usage and create purchase orders. Simorg provides a live inventory data for less risk of error, better inventory accuracy and reduced stock-out risk.

Reduce costs and scale business with a centralized system, even for multiple locations

Maintain the ideal amount of stock required and forecast demands

Eliminate service delays and maximize sales opportunities


One of your key priorities is to operate your FSTDs and aircraft properly. Simorg offers a centralized inventory system to coordinate and track part movements. In case of any device breakdown, simply pick the correct part from the inventory and continue providing seamless service to your customers.

Managing multiple geographic locations in one place
Link parts in your configuration tree based on usage type
Part movement reports for a given time period
Defining minimum quantity for each part
Quantity alert to prevent stock-outs

Tool features allow you to track each tool you use in daily operation in a single place, gives ability to make a device calibration plan and manage tools based on location and usage type.

Managing calibration schedule for FSTDs
Customizable shelf description of inventory
Tool movement reports for specific time periods
Categorization based on usage type
Movements tracking in the system
Managing multiple geographic locations in one place
Purchase Order

Forget about paperwork. Simorg allows you to easily track your purchase order status and control your suppliers in different locations. Get order approvals by one click!

Purchase Order
Supplier management
Supplier categorization by service groups
Defining approval process for easy tracking
Part delivery alerts for relevant departments

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