Product Suite

Planning & Scheduling

Use our Planning Module for all scheduling needs in your flight training center. Simorg provides robust and advanced scheduling solution for better asset utilization. You can manage your simulators, aircrafts and classrooms in single dashboard. It enables to increase sales performance by making an optimal planning.

Simplify your reservation process

Keep control your assets and customers schedule

Ensure customer satisfaction by fulfilling their demands

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All functionality needed for longevity of your assets. Manage periodic or counter-based maintenance tasks defined for each FSTD. Classify and design workflow steps, put KPIs and monitor the defects reported by your customers and technical team. Eventually, make sure you manage your resources efficiently in the right place.

Increase the life of your devices by regularly following your maintenance schedule

Minimize paperwork by digitizing maintenance workflows in your daily operations

Increase the performance of your technical team with a fair and competent division of workload

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Simorg Training Module integrates all resources (aircraft, devices, classrooms, instructors and students) in one place to manage curriculum, facility availability and certification program for better resource management. It allows you to automate and monitor the process from registration to the completion of training. Make sure providing consistent training experience for students within an effective and collaborative way.

Intuitive platform to optimize all resources for training planning in one platform

Ensure customer satisfaction by fulfilling their demands

Keep digital calendar to track your traning schedule in real-time

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Organize your annual audit plan in just a few hours. Compliance module enables audit/inspection reports, management review meeting minutes, corrective actions, authority evaluation reports and custom types of activity records all in one and integrated platform.

Always be prepared for audits

Create authority reports in the appropriate format with just a few clicks

Manage your processes in compliance according to latest regulations

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Inventory & Tool

Keep your inventory under control by digitize your process with Inventory & Tool Module. Hold only spare parts you need by preventing stock out situations. Track your part usage and create a purchase order for new ones. Simorg provides up-to-date inventory data for better inventory accuracy and reduced stock-out risk.

Reduce costs and time spent on managing multiple locations with a centralized system

Maintaining the ideal amount of stock requires for seamless training experience

Eliminate service delays due to stock-out parts

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Financial operations are often fragmented and disjointed. Simorg provides Finance functions that integrated with scheduling, training and maintenance operations in your training center. It allows more accurate and accessible financial information to build business strategy.

Keep under control balance of income and expense in your facility

Save time and reduce billing errors

Get a quick overview by generation financial reports

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Get a quick overview of how operations are going at your training organization. Simorg offer great visibility of your most important performance indicators such as the number of reservations and flights, training program usage, FTSD device usage and performance analysis of the technical team. Reporting functions just give you neededdata visuals for better performance analysis.

Ability to access raw data in preferred file format

Make data-driven decisions easily with advanced analysis in pre-built reports

Save your time with advance

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