The most comprehensive
management software for
flight training operations

Simorg is an integrated, tech-forward solution revolutionizing the way a software embeds intelligence into your day-to-day operation.

Combining ease of use with smart functionality to enhance efficiency and flexibility of your facility.

Functional digital features across all critical tasks: scheduling, maintenance, compliance, reporting and training.


Simorg is 45 years of industry firsts fitted into one collaborative, tech-forward solution. It is exclusively designed for simulator training centers and flights schools with determination to unlock the real value of business while offering all in one platform that leads to full compliance with ever-changing regulations.

Planning & Scheduling

All FSTDs in a single dashboard, at your fingertips

Display available slots, even for multiple locations
Book in real-time
Manage customer requests and notes
Track customer training statistics
Ability to define pricing policies for each device/customer
Create a full training log with just a few clicks
Hide slots by masking options

A new standard to end-to-end control over technical operations

Manage device-based maintenance tasks
Monitor and assign reported defects
Provide seamless communication between technical teams
Set/track man-hour for scheduled/unscheduled tasks
Calendar view of scheduled maintenance

Deliver your customers a distinctive training experience

Access all training records per company and student
Organize trainings based on type and company
Get annual training forecasts automatically
Control compliance with validity alerts
Create and print-out instructors’ calendar

Always be prepared for complex audits

Create FAA / EASA, Part ORA and ARINC 433-2 reports
Organize your annual internal/external audit plans
Crate CPARs and assign relevant departments
Manage and digitalize QTG process
Inventory & Tool

Accelerate simulator performance and keep your inventory optimized

Display available spare parts and track part movements
Define minimum stock level for each part
Create purchase orders
Manage calibration schedule for FSTDs

Empower your financial processes

Get a clear overview of invoices
Generate invoices automatically
Track balance of your income and expense
Create customer-based revenue reports

Unlock the value of your most essential asset: Data

Save time with pre-built reports
Get analytical data to track all aspects of technical operations
Use power of your data for better managerial decisions
Generate sales & authority reports automatically
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Solution Oriented Approach

Seamlessly combining your requirements with our expertise, constantly evolving innovation.

Entire Operation In One Platform

Keep your business under control in real-time, regardless of whether it is single or multi-center.

Well-organized Processes

Digitally improving all processes by streamlining all aspects of your training operation.

Fully Compliant

Simorg keeps you always up-to-date and compliant with ever-changing standards.

Time Saving

Time plays a vital role for aviation. With Simorg, you can do more, faster.

High Customer Satisfaction

Provide smooth training experience by solving scheduling complexity and conflicts automatically.


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