All functionality needed for longevity of your assets. Manage periodic or counter-based maintenance tasks defined for each FSTD. Classify and design workflow steps, put KPIs and monitor the defects reported by your customers and technical team. Eventually, make sure you manage your resources efficiently in the right place.

Increase the life of your devices by regularly following your maintenance schedule

Minimize paperwork by digitizing maintenance workflows in your daily operations

Increase the performance of your technical team with a fair and competent division of workload


Regular maintenance of your FSTD devices is key indicator for long-term and trouble-free operation. Simorg offers to plan periodic or counter-based maintenance, assign it to the relevant technical team and follow the process completely paperless. Analyze how efficiently processes managed by tracking task or maintenance performance measurements and KPIs.

Annual, quarterly, daily maintenance plan generation
Assigning relevant technician to tasks
Linking to respective maintenance checklist
Creation and listing of Maintenance Requirements per device
Calendar view of maintenance tasks
Assigning relevant technician to tasks
Counter based automatic new maintenance task triggering capability
Man-hour tracking
Service Request

Simorg allows you to easily manage service requests in your daily operations and define their processes on the system. In this way, precisely measure for how long and how often your FSTD sessions were interrupted. It gives precise reliability figures in real time.

Service Request
Monitoring the defects of the simulators in minutes
Printing out the defect information or repair schedule
Service request tracking
Drag and drop feature to change status
Task assignment to responsible technician according to defined qualification rules in the system
FSTD Terminal / Kiosk Screen

The kiosk screen not only gives the technical team the ability to report problems during training, but also to your customers. In this way, your customers can create a service request for the problem they are experiencing, score the training process and notify lost time in training through the system.

FSTD Terminal / Kiosk Screen
Monitoring the entire training process
Minimizing the manual daily work
Defect creation on the screen
Open defects listing
Lost training time tracking
Customer satisfaction index
Create and print-out FSTD e-techlog
Technical Dashboard

Messaging board for specific group of personnel, and lists of open tasks by process and by personnel. By providing a seamless communication between the technical team, any delays that may occur in the tasks are prevented.

Technical Dashboard
Easy communication between technical team
Daily task list for each technician
Displaying details of task status and assignees
Personnel grouping for multi-location companies
Access historical data
QTG Management

Plan the QTG tasks and track dates of rerun, evaluation and final approvals. Add additional steps to normal procedures. Take notes for the authority. Your QTG records will be ready for Authority Evaluations.

QTG Management
QTG Planning for each device
QTG list for the evaluation
Defining running and approval process
QTG Status Report generation

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