About Us

Simorg combines 42 years of aviation experience with technology. It was designed as a comprehensive solution to cover all needs in your facility. So, how did this journey begin?

Simorg's Story

It started with looking for the most suitable solution to manage a training center in the market. As a result of many unsuccessful attempts, the biggest milestone was to realize that what we were looking for outside is actually hidden in our experience, dedication, culture and passion inside. From then on, Simorg started to be developed internally by a dedicated team. After all these past years, it become a full package solution on the market with all the modules in a class of its own. We are ready to share this solution with customer-oriented management, high quality service and continuous improvement since 2018.

We closely collaborate with clients across the globe in simulator centers, flight schools and training centers. Our greatest strength is to be able to add value to ourselves and to you each and every day with our presence to all over the world, without losing Simurg within us.

Legend of Simurg

Legend has it that a covey of birds went in search for their perfect king, the great bird Simurg/Simorg. Many of the birds could not survive their ordeals in search of the Simorg, climbing high peaks and plunging into dark valleys as well as fighting their own doubts and fears. At the end of their search only thirty birds remained to reach the gates of Simurg’s palace. They all alighted onto the throne which is described as being the seat of the Majesty and the Glory. The throne, however, remained empty and there was no sign of the Simorg. It then became clear to the birds, through an inner glow which spread through them all, that they, together, made up the Presence of the Simorg and that the Simorg was really just their joint presence. A literal translation of Simorg is "Thirty Birds".