About Us

A long history of continuous improvement

Simorg combines 43 years of aviation knowledge with life-changing technology. It has been meticulously designed to be a unique solution to cover all needs in a simulator training facility.

Our Story

Running a training center means ensuring smooth communication, scheduling, and compliance, all while analyzing data and managing finances, which often extends beyond regular working hours. We've embraced high-tech solutions as key to smooth operations.

A pivotal moment for Simorg was discovering that our own expertise and passion held the answer to improving how training centers function. This led us to form a team dedicated to creating a digital platform that revolutionizes daily operations. Developing Simorg has been an exciting journey, blending technology with our training knowledge to produce a unique product that makes a significant impact on the industry.

Today, our focus is on delivering top-quality products, ensuring customer satisfaction, and continually enhancing our offerings. Our success lies in our commitment to constant learning and improvement, making every aspect of Simorg more valuable.

Now, with a global presence, Simorg simplifies complex operations for thousands of users daily, turning challenges into exceptional experiences.