About Us

A long history of continuous improvement

Simorg combines 43 years of unparalleled aviation knowledge with life-changing technology. It has been meticulously designed to be a unique solution to cover all needs in a simulator training facility.

Our Story

The day-to-day operation of a training center is all about seamless communication between the teams and customers. Optimized training scheduling, coordination between teams, always remaining fully compliant, advanced analysis of critical data, internally collaborating consistent with established workflows, correctly invoicing customers, and keeping the facility’s revenue are under real-time control. This all requires more than only 8 hours a day.

We have always believed that implications of high-end technology eventually become an integral part of our individual workflows.

The biggest milestone in Simorg’s journey was realizing that the solution we were searching for was actually hidden in our own know-how, experience, dedication, culture and passion.

With this in mind, we have created a dedicated team to spend time to come up with a digital solution yet to be built, changing the way a training center operates on a daily basis. From then on, we have been developing Simorg internally, having a lot of “fun”. Every hour spent between the digital team, our training experts and pilots eventually leads us to create a niche product, and so, sustain a longstanding impact on the training industry.

Today, we purely focus on delivering a superior product and the highest customer satisfaction and continuous improvement.

Our greatest trick is to constantly inquire, learn and improve. Every line of code accordingly written makes every minute of Simorg’s journey more valuable.

Now with presence at 5 continents, thousands of users interact with Simorg every day transforming operational complexities into outstanding experiences.