Planning & Scheduling

Use our Planning Module for all scheduling needs in your flight training center. Simorg provides robust and advanced scheduling solution for better asset utilization. You can manage your simulators, aircrafts and classrooms in single dashboard. It enables to increase sales performance by making an optimal planning.

Simplify your reservation process

Keep control your assets and customers schedule

Ensure customer satisfaction by fulfilling their demands

FSTD Planning

Get rid of the complex structure of your planning excel. Making instant planning on your FSTD devices is very easy with Simorg. Simorg offers a feature rich solution for planning as well as instant booking. Without an effective planning, it is almost impossible for your training center to grow. That's why you take every step of planning through Simorg.

FSTD Planning
Device grouping based on location or usage type
Bulk booking with copy option
Creating customer-based calendar
Slot masking option (Hiding non-reserved slots)
Log tracking for any changes
Slot prioritization based on customer and asset type
Defining resources such as simulator, students and instructors
Creating training log a few click
Approve or reject 3rd party reservations
Customer Management

Improve service quality and satisfaction by synchronizing customer interactions between your business units. It acts as a customer lifecycle record system from contract to invoice. Ensure service agreements to match each customer's particular requirements by defining use-cases and tracking contract expiration dates.

Customer Management
Defining contract details and customer information
Identifying customer-based usage types
Determination of cancellation fee policy
Tracking contract status
UOG (Unit on Ground)

There may be a problem in your training center at any time, but the important thing is to inform your customers in time.  Ensure the right people get notified about relevant problem and its operational matters. 

UOG (Unit on Ground)
Bulk messaging
Defining time range
Selectable contact list
Customer Portal

Give your customers the flexibility to submit their requests with quite simple interface. It allows to access any information they want at any time. Your customers will feel a part of your training center.

Customer Portal
View your own training calendar
Displaying available slots
Making a new reservation
Availability to define attendees for each training
Automated informative e-mail messages

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