Overcome the complexity of audits in just a few steps. Compliance module enables audit/inspection reports, management review meeting minutes, corrective actions, authority evaluation reports and custom types of activity records all in one integrated platform.

Be ahead of audits: always well-prepared, at any given time

Create authority reports in the right format in just a few clicks

Manage your processes in compliance with the latest regulations

Audit Planning

Simorg offers a full paperless audit process by digitalizing each step. Organize your audit plans according to FAA / EASA, Part ORA and ARINC 433-2 regulations. Generate the reports to be submitted to the authorities quickly without wasting unnecessary time.

Audit Planning
Audit planning by assigning relevant personnel
Defining procedures and checklists based on internal and external audits
Calendar view of scheduled audits
Document management
Live status tracking

Analyzing the findings during the audits and assigning them to the relevant departments cause a lot of workload on the compliance team. To reduce this, Simorg offers CPAR features that you can easily define and track.

Creating CPARs and defining priority levels
Assigning & tracking open CPARs to relevant departments or personnel
Creating CPAR (CAPA) status report for evaluation
Process-based Corrective & Preventive Action management
Email notification to inform all related personnel

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